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Ft Lauderdale Fishing Trips Kids

By November 18, 2012May 26th, 2017Fishing Reports

Many of our fishing trips in Ft. Lauderdale involve kids, from the very small to adult children and everything in between. The very small are catered to with smaller type fish and constant action. But once they reach an age of 7 or 8? They want to catch bigger fish and the REALLY great part about this age and up is their enthusiasm and excitement. Pretty much whatever bites becomes an adventure for them and this was the case for Jonathan?s birthday fishing trip the other day.
Along with his two buddies, Julian and Paco along with a dad for each, we headed out on a less than stellar weather day. Cloudy skies and a high chance of rain did not deter these boys, as could be seen by their drenched clothes on the trip back in. And each fish caught became a team effort as the dad?s sat back and watched the boys reel in fish after fish.
The Kings were biting well that day and Chris had a hard time getting to a rod before the boys. Each bite or bend of the rod had at least one of them moving toward it. While each could have reeled it in by themselves, they seemed to enjoy sharing each fish. One would hold the rod while sitting, another would be turning the handle and a third would guide the line. All in all, they reeled in 11 Kings and 1 Bonito. A few misses rounded out our day as we headed back in to meet mom and sis waiting at the dock.
Trying to get the boys to look at me became a chore as I took a photo of them. So many people were taking pictures, the one here was the best I could do. That?s Jonathan in the front with the blue shirt and the biggest king of the day.
It?s not always what you catch but how much fun you have doing it. At times, I have to be reminded of that and a kid?s fishing trip in Ft. Lauderdale never fails to do just that!

Capt. Steve Souther
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