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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing

One of the attractions of deep sea fishing off Fort Lauderdale is the fact that it is done so close to shore. This allows us more time for fishing and less time traveling to the fishing grounds. It also means you don?t have to spend an entire day at sea to enjoy what the fishing here has to offer.
This is something frequent guest Mike and his wife Susan know all about. Along with Tom, new comer Mark and their wives, we set out on a morning 4 hour trip at 7 am.
Fishing lately has been somewhat slow. The Kingfish have not been biting well but a few have been caught. Bonito have left the area for the most part but the occasional Sailfish and Barracuda can be caught. We were trolling, catching some bullet Bonito and one large Triggerfish. Not a great catch and to be honest? It?s been years since I caught my last Trigger on the troll.
A slight weed line and edge was forming just another ? mile from where we were and a few birds were working so we headed for the sign of life. Just as we broke through the edge, Mahi-mahi jumped us within seconds and 3 of 4 were on and jumping.
At this point, I have to say I love fishing with women. The girls got so excited? Their screams made it hard for me to help Chris with what was going on and no one was listening. The boys were helping the girls and it was pandemonium down in the cockpit, but all 3 fish were boated, pictures taken, smiles all around and lunch plans made.
We worked this edge for another hour and had a few weak bites that didn?t stay glued. Such a perfect spot but it seemed the fish were gone as we wound down our trip.
I always prefer ending a trip with a bang and got my wish this time too. One of our deep lines sang out with a big pulling fish taking lots of line. Mike was in the chair and made an ample effort to stop and then retrieve this fish. It turned out to be a Wahoo and the prize of the day! Once the fish was resting safely in the fishbox, it was time to head in.
Deep sea fishing in 500? of water just 2 miles from the coast of Fort Lauderdale? and home in time for lunch. ?

Capt. Steve Souther
Fort Lauderdale Off Shore Fishing
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