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Fishing Ft. Lauderdale Sailfish

We are so fortunate to have year round deep sea fishing here in Ft. Lauderdale. It?s Florida ( or Floriduh, always liked that one for our electoral proficiency).We target different species of fish at different times of the year. Some species we catch all year long but of course there are better times of year for the best chances for a successful trip for any species. Late fall and winter are Sailfish season here in south Florida and this last cold front did not disappoint us as each front brings anticipation of a push of Sails through the area. A breezy day with the wind out of the northeast greeted us this morning. A reasonable current running to the north was a welcome sight when we reached the edge, bringing the waves up a bit as the current met the swell and wind head on. Dead on for December Sailfishing. We have had the current and clear blue water for a couple of days, but the fishing was quiet, very quiet.Brutally quiet. Too postcard perfect calm seas and warm weather. But today we had the chill in the air (almost cold) and the swell from the frontal system. Promising conditions for sure. We began the charter on the troll with the deep lines and a few surface fished dead bait lines hoping of catching a few Kings, Dorado or a Wahoo for dinner for our charter, Bill, Sandy and Bill JR. hailing out of good old Fort Lauderdale. They are regulars of ours. Half a dozen school sized Kings were willing but no Dorado or Wahoo bites. With a few fish dinners covered we set the kites and the live baits out for what we really look forward to this time of year, especially when we have these conditions. Sailfish. I had seen a couple of Sails free jumping and heading to the south while we trolled for the table, so we were watching the baits closely. Three nice Sails today rounded out our half day charter. That picture is of the biggest fish (Sandy) which we released at boat side, as were the other two. Clean boat side release releases and three happy fish back on their way to the south, wherever it is they go. It was nice to see a good day offshore after such poor fishing just before this front came through. We are ready and looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully more of the same.

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