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Ft Lauderdale Fishing Forecast January 2013

By January 3, 2013May 26th, 2017Forecasts

Every cold front that passes through South Florida will get more and more Sailfish moving through our Ft. Lauderdale fishing area. Sea conditions can be an issue but we are able to get offshore on most days and safely fish. Live baiting for the Sailfish will take center stage for these fish as a frisky live bait whether fished from a kite, out of the riggers , or cast on a spinning rod to a fish as it swims steadily to the south will prove to be a productive approach to a successful day on the water.

With some north current and hopefully those north winds that accompany a cold front these fish should be here. On those days when they are scattered we will be very receptive to conditions that might give us opportunities for bites on the troll with rigged dead baits. A fish raised on dredge teasers and caught on a meticulously rigged dead ballyhoo is a great way to catch these sportfish and extremely satisfying to crew as well as the anglers. Multiple numbers of fish in the spread at one time begin in earnest with the January push of fish. Winter is here and we are ready for those pods (groups) of Sailfish as they move to the south.

We will see some nice gaffer sized Mahi-Mahi from 40 to 600 feet of water. These Mahi will get right up in the mud so to speak to find food as will the Sails, and on the days when the Sails are slow we will venture deeper and there should be Mahi (good ones) on many days off the edge and out to the 100 fathom line (600 ft). Wahoos, Kings, and a few winter Bonito will be here as well. Hammerhead Sharks will get into the kite fished live bit spreads and be very hungry and determined to score a meal. It’s a great time for fishing here, and we are ready for any and everything that comes our way.

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