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Ft Lauderdale Charter Shark Fishing

Saturday, January 6, 2013

Many folks go charter fishing here in Ft. Lauderdale to try and catch something big and sometimes sharks can fill that bill. They are even requested specifically and that?s what today?s group asked for.
Being from the Ukraine and friends of our pal Yuri, they showed up on a somewhat gloomy day with grey skies and a mist of rain ready to go. Seeing as they spoke little English and Yuri wasn?t going as translator, he called moments after we left the dock to confirm they wanted BIG fish? A shark would be nice.
With a few shark baits in the box, we tried for some live bait but the bullet Bonitos were not cooperating at all. We hit the anchored ships searching for them and never caught one. With only 4 hours, we had wasted enough time and set our baits in the depths to wait for our bite.
Conditions were poor for this today with little if any current. We set a couple of small live baits out in case a Mahi-mahi or Sailfish came by not wanting to limit our chances but they weren?t needed as the top bait suddenly began to move.
The fin was seen and we tried our prey but he dropped the bait. The taste however was strong and soon he came back to finish his meal and we were hooked up to a large male Hammerhead Shark.
And this is where things got funny? Trying to explain in English to people that don?t speak it, to first get into the chair and then how to land this beast. Once things settled down and by example instead of words, we conveyed how to handle the rod and reel, just the basics. It didn?t take them long and after switching anglers a few times and over an hour fight, we finally had a very tired Hammerhead in the boat for a picture before releasing him. The picture shows Victor in the scene but it was the other gentleman aboard that did most the work. I?d put his name here but honestly? I couldn?t really pronounce it, much less spell it. LOL
Anyway, all was good and the rain finally stopped. We headed home happy and victorious after our morning of charter fishing for sharks here in Ft. Lauderdale.
Captain Steve Souther
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Off Shore
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