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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters Update

Our Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters continue to improve as few more fish have moved into the area. Spotty on some days, but some nice fish around. The Sailfish pictured was caught by Jack who was fishing with us along with his dad John, and JJ and Luke. This fish ate a live Goggle Eye that was presented as a kite bait. Nice full grown Sails around that are moving to the south. Goggle Eyes are our most commonly used kite bait, but we also use Blue Runners and various small Jacks as well as frisky larger Pilchards. In a pinch we use Silver Mullett we net in the areas surrounding our dock. An exceptional Hammerhead Shark was also caught on this charter. A Great Grey Hammerhead right at ten feet in overall length took a shark bait fished on heavy tackle in over 300 feet of water. We catch and release a lot of Hammerheads, and a ten footer is a giant. Kites are very effective now, especially when we have an easterly breeze, which allows use to place more baits across the sweet spot as these fish swim essentially from the due north this time of year. There are still a lot of fish way up the coast that will pass through here shortly. More and more of our Fort Lauderdale Fishing charters will be focused on kite fishing and the sooner the temperature falls a bit with a front or two these fish will move south.

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