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Deep Sea Fishing South Florida

Kite fishing was the way to go this afternoon. We use many approaches to our offshore deep sea fishing here, but the kites were king today. We had a group from Minnesota aboard who were new to fishing in this area. They really enjoyed kite fishing and the way the baits are presented over such a large area and also how the baitfish thrash about on the surface when suspended from the kite lines. Something new for them.
Shallow water was the key today as the fish were in tight on the reef. 90 to 95 feet of water was the place to be. Slightly overcast with winds out of the south / southwest, which really isn?t a very good wind for fishing offshore in South Florida. Slight current today and that did have some fish moving, despite the less than perfect wind direction. A couple of Sails on those kite baits this afternoon.
A cold front is looming and we are all hoping for some stronger north current coupled with a north wind. If we get that combination along with the customary ocean swell that comes along with these fronts we will hopefully see some tailing fish, which makes our jobs even more fun and considerably easier. Great picture of a Sailfish jumping at boat side just before the release.

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