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Fort Lauderdale Kids Fishing

Did you ever wonder why we enjoy fishing kids here in Fort Lauderdale? It is because they are so easy to please? Usually. Most kids are thrilled with anything that bites. Every fish is exciting no matter what kind or how big. This is a general rule but today we had a young angler with his dad that has done some fishing. Luckily, kids are lucky when it comes to the fish gods and what they give.
Christian and his dad were aboard on a grey, drizzly day. Seas were forecast to be rougher than they were but it was still a bit bouncy. It is hard to imagine at age 11 we?d have a seasoned angler aboard. And the fishing hasn?t been stellar; we?ve had to work for every bite.
We began trolling with hopes of a few of the small Blackfin Tuna that had been around. Christian had never caught a Wahoo and those were his hopes for the day. We trolled about 40 minutes before our first bite. Actually, it was a series of bites, 4 lines came down or were tripped. All bites were missed and all baits were cut off. In other words, something with teeth was out there biting through the mono leaders we usually troll with.
Since the fish was kind enough to remove our rigs, Andrew made quick work of tying on wire leaders for a few live baits we had in the well and we were back in business as we slow trolled Bullet Bonitos by the spot.
The first pass we connected with a nice fish and Christian was in the chair with his dad helping hold the rod. In bumpy seas, fighting with all his strength, 20 minutes later, he landed his Wahoo! He was all smiles as he posed for the picture on the back of the boat. That?s Christian excited I?m told.
We tried a few more passes with the live baits and caught a small shark. It was dad?s turn and he made quick work of the frisky critter. The Wahoo had apparently left the area and trolling around netted us one more catch, a large Bonito which gave Christian a tussle but he managed.
Kids are lucky; we?ve had them ask for specific fish before and had it happen. After catching his Wahoo, I asked what he?d like to catch now? He said a Sailfish. Why I didn?t just put up the kite, I don?t know, He seemed to have his finger on the pulse.
Kids, fishing, Fort Lauderdale? You just gotta love it? I do.
Captain Steve Souther
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Off Shore
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