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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

We continue to have nice warm days here. Today we had Ron and Rita offshore for a Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charter. Last year it was Tarpon fishing for them and this year their fishing took them further offshore into the blue water. We were hoping for a Sailfish or two today but they have continued to be elusive, and today was no different as there were no Sails biting in the area.
With the warm weather and flat calm seas Chris and I felt that our best bet would be to catch some smaller Bonito and fish the reef line and basically fish for whatever came along and was willing to bite. There is an area several miles south of our inlet that has been holding some Kings and I worked our way down south in and out along the edge, picking at the small Bonito as we went down the line. A couple of wrecks were holding those small Bonito and we soon had a live well full.
We were ready to try the spot. Chris set up the rods for Ron and Rita with wire leaders and small but strong hooks that we use when a nice King might take a bait. Today was a home run for the big Kings. A small school was holding tight right where we hoped they would be in an area of less than 100 yards. Fish inside or outside of that 100 yard area and no bites. That big Kingfish is a 50 pounder. The other three in the picture are from 22 to 28 pounds.

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