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Ft Lauderdale Charter Fishing Wish

Some of our charters fishing guests here in Ft. Lauderdale come with a wish, a hope, even a request for a specific type of fish. It could be something to eat, fresh from the sea. Maybe something large, like a shark. Ron and Rita came with hopes of a Sailfish. And after researching us vigorously on the web and all the information we have there about this time of year? He decided today was his day! Sailfish day! So they booked two all day trips with us just for this specific purpose.
Now if you?ve been reading our reports, you know things have been slow. The specific area of Sailfish has been extremely slow compared to years past. None the less, plans were made, we?re here, let?s go!
Rita and Ron fished with Captain JJ the first of their two days. Chris was in the pit and they did very well catching some very nice Kingfish, one of which weighed in at 47 lbs.. But they never had a shot at a Sail and on day two, it was MY turn.
We had live bait in the well so we immediately went to our chosen task. Upon setting up, we we?re hijacked by a single Kingfish that stripped 2 baits from the kite and escaped capture. We reset the kites and fished almost 5 miles of ocean from the north edge of Hollywood, Florida back to Ft. Lauderdale in a fast moving north current that yielded absolutely zero hits.
Now if I may, it is almost impossible for me to fathom this kind of lack of activity. Something, between the depths of 120? and 300?, is going to come up, but today? Nothing?
With the current running so hard, we moved back south and reset our kites and began the process over. But even I was beginning to have my doubts.
Ron and Rita were a pleasure to spend time with and talk we did to pass the time waiting for our bite. And how this day ended just goes to show that perseverance pays off.
With maybe 10 minutes left to fish and Chris needing a bathroom break, he told Ron to watch the rods. Rita was up on the bridge with me chatting away. I was not aware Chris was off the deck.
And there he was, suddenly; below the right short bait, a very large and hungry Sailfish appeared. I called out to Chris, who wasn?t around and Ron looked at me with that ?What do I do? look. Chris had versed him on which rods were which and how to use the drag lever. We got together on which rod it was, the fish began taking line, Ron waited for me to tell him to lock it up and wind? It was a text book bite, did all the right things and finally it was time. Lock it up and wind Ron, WIND!
And wind Ron did. The fish took command, jumping numerous times, getting involved with other tackle out there. Chris back on deck now (roaring engines will do that) and was helping clear the way for Ron to fight his fish.
The fight lasted about 25 minutes with Ron following Chris?s instructions. The last hurdle to overcome was this fish had a broken bill from long ago. There was little for Chris to grab onto for the picture in the boat. We had achieved the release, now it was time to land the fish.
A picture is worth a thousand words and I?ve spoken enough. Charter fishing in Ft. Lauderdale, where wishes CAN come true.

Captain Steve Souther
Ft Lauderdale Fishing Off Shore
(954) 761-8202

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