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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Trips

Fort Lauderdale fishing trips with repeat customers are always a lot of fun for not only the customers, as they obviously had fun on previous charters or they wouldn?t be here again, but us as well. This afternoon we had a group aboard that has been here before several times.

On this charter it was Tyler?s treat and we left the dock with high hopes. While it was a beautiful day with lots of sun and temperatures in the 80s with very calm seas the fishing was difficult. We could only manage a few bites on this charter, but we all had a good time. Tyler was ribbing me about the fishing (of course) and the fish were not helping me out at all. He seriously offered that we should crank everything in and run down to Miami and have dinner on him and give the fishing a rest. Being married with children made this an easy call for Chris and myself. Getting home around midnight wasn?t in the cards, but thanks anyway for the generosity. It was discussed and agreed that would be the agenda next time, as long as we planned in advance, since some of us answer to a higher power?Game on!

So we fished a little more, endured some more good natured ribbing from Tyler, and headed for home, with Tyler @ the wheel (that was the deal for declining the dinner offer). By the way, I was on the wheel when we caught and released this nice Sailfish for Jesse. The fish was one out of a double we had take the baits (live baits) in 140 feet of water.

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