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Ft Lauderdale Corporate Event Fishing

Corporate events are popular in Ft. Lauderdale this time of year and fishing is one of the activities offered to entertain the suppliers, dealers, whatever the reason for the get together. With our sunny skies and warm temperatures, what better place to reward those who have done a good job?

Today we had a group from Bridgestone, all here for various achievements in their specific area of expertise. And Connie, from Nebraska, definitely stood out in the crowd. Her loud laugh was contagious and there was a side to her only those that paid attention noticed. I happened to and we became friends instantly. I won?t say she was the ?captain?s pet? but she sure helped the afternoon fly by. ?

Fishing had been slow in the morning and with a few Bullet Bonitos left in the well, we trolled south to a spot that had been holding large Kingfish. We caught a few more baits along the way and one large Bonito as well. The group was talking, enjoying the ride and the day on the water and we were having a blast making fun of the guys reeling in these small fish.
Upon arriving at our spot, we put out the live bait and it wasn?t long before we had a couple of quick bites. Small Kings were on out baits and missing the hooks. We get a zing out of them and they would escape. It was their larger brothers we were after, fish that can eat the bait in one, swift bite.
With time growing short, we began dragging our baits back to the north and that?s when our big hit came? And it was Connie?s turn.

Trying to explain the art of angling a fish to someone that has never experienced it is a little tough in the heat of battle. Women listen better than men and while we knew we had a nice fish on, we still weren?t sure what it was. Connie took direction well, between her outbursts of laughing and yelling at others, and it wasn?t too long before we had the fish close to the boat. This can be the most difficult time of the battle, the line is shortened and these fish can change direction in an instant, and often do.

With Connie getting a little tired of the battle with the fish in sight, she remained calm and finally, the Wahoo was gaffed and boated. Her prize was a 53? Wahoo weighing around 35 lbs. And who in the entire group had caught the biggest fish became the talk of the boat as we headed home

So if your corporate event offers fishing in Ft. Lauderdale, You might consider fishing over the golf or sailing. Even slow days can be a blast.

Capt. Steve Souther
Ft Lauderdale Off Shore Fishing
(954) 761-8202

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