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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Forecast April 2013

By April 6, 2013May 26th, 2017Forecasts

Writing a fishing forecast for Fort Lauderdale is much easier when you’re late with it as I am. ? Already half way through the month certainly makes predicting what to expect an easy task. But the facts are that the forecast for fishing has become somewhat harder than in past years. Mother Nature has decided to stir the pot, so to speak, and throw us a few curves.

Last year’s warm winter gave us excellent Sailfish fishing in April. While the bite of these fish has been consistent, the droves and numbers of fish hooked has not been to our expectations. There are still fish north of us that will be coming south as well as fish that have migrated and will be returning to the north. Always a favorite to target, we look forward to their presence for the next few months.

Blackfin Tuna have also been here with great consistency. The size is improving and April is known for some of the larger Blackfins to make their appearance. We are already beginning to see them in the teens and 20 to 30 pounders should be coming as well. A strong fighting fish, always fun to catch and when they win the battle? It’s usually next to the boat, as this is when they fight the hardest.

Fishing for shark is right on time this year. This also can be something to expect on a fishing trip in April. Whether fishing for them or losing a fish you are fighting to them, they will eat your catch before you have a chance to. Reel quickly if possible.

Two fish that are missing from our forecast this year are Amberjacks and Kingfish. Amberjacks usually show up sometime in February and stay for a few months till May or so. While we catch them year round, their numbers are huge in the winter and spring months. That hasn’t been the case this year and whether they show or not remains to be seen. On the plus side, Grouper season opens May 1st. With fewer Amberjacks, Grouper fishing might improve.

Kingfish is another fish we haven’t seen much of. Usually one of our “go to” fish, always something to catch, King Mackerel haven’t been in the numbers of years past. We’ve experienced this before and they will return but I won’t predict when. LOL We have been catching some nice sized ones on live bait and April is known for “Smoker Kings”, the big ones, so you can expect some fun with them on light tackle.

Toward the end of the month, looking for schools of Mahi-mahi becomes a point of interest as well. We’ve already begun catching some of these tasty, fierce fighting fish. Late April and May are known for some really nice sized ones too.

It all starts to change as spring arrives and our fishing forecast for Fort Lauderdale hopefully gives you some insight as to what to expect. It’s that time of year when anything can and will bite.

Capt. Steve Souther
Fort Lauderdale Off Shore Fishing
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