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Fort Lauderdale Charter Fishing Trips

Charter fishing trips off the shore of Fort Lauderdale are fun, so much so, many of our guests return for some fun in the sun and on the sea fishing for whatever. That was the case today as we greeted Mike, Susie, Karen and Tom.

Each year they come to town to help with swim meets at the International Swimming Hall of Fame where their kids compete. Sometimes the kids come but today was adult day. We set out to fish, just fish, and let the fish gods guide us to whatever they offer. And with no expectations, we always have a good time.

Bonitos have been around, earlier than expected, and we caught a few of those first. Nice sized ?bombers? as we call them, a hard fighting fish with poor edibility but excellent in making our strip baits. Susie caught her first sailfish with us a few years ago and therefore can?t be bothered with the lesser fish. And since the first 3 fish were Bonito, she offered her turn to Mike.

Making a turn outside where the fish had been in about 300? a hit came and was missed. The deep line had tripped but nothing was there. Then my high line zinged a bit but again, nothing was there. Chris was down trying to tease the first hit we?d missed back while I was doing the same with the high line. The other deep rod went off and we had something hooked. Then my high line connected and I saw the Sailfish right on it. I had him on! And the leader broke at the hook. My fish was gone but we still had something on the deep rod which was now Mike?s fish.

Usually when you hook Sailfish, they jump. Mike?s fish hadn?t jumped and we had no idea what it was until he finally got the fish close to the boat. A nice sized Sail that stayed deep and when this was announced, Susie began saying it was HER fish, her turn?

Chris finally got the bill and boated the fish for measurement and pictures. Susie was delighted Mike?s fish was 3? shorter than hers but it was all in fun as we released the fish back to the sea.

We caught some more fish, a few small Blackfins, a few more Bonitos, maybe a King or Mahi-mahi? I really don?t remember. I was gabbing with Susie on the bridge and Tom and Karen were doing the catching, Mike was somewhat spent and elated with his catch. I guess now he won?t be bothered with the lesser fish either. LOL

Before we knew it, it was time to head in. It?s always a pleasure to have past guests, and now friends, fishing with us on the Marlin My Darlin. Just another charter fishing trip off Fort Lauderdale beach.

Capt. Steve Souther
Fort Lauderdale Off Shore Fishing

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