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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters offshore here in south Florida have been yielding some decent catches. We have been spending quite a bit of our efforts inshore on the reefs (and just off the edge) as of late and the results have been a mixed bag of species.

We are catching Kings, Bonito, and some Sailfish right up on the edge of the reef line. We are seeing some Mahi-Mahi and Tunas just outside of the edge as expected. We have also encountered some nice Mahi-Mahi way up inside in 60 feet of water, which is only about 3/5 of a mile off the beach. Clean water way up inside at 60 feet has a large number of Flying Fish in that depth and small schools of Mahi-Mahi are right up in there after them. They are a favorite food source for them. Some of these fish are picky as they are set on these Flying Fish, but a frisky Pilchard will usually get a bite quickly if properly cast to the Mahi.

Out deeper the Kings and Wahoo are mostly on the deep trolled lines with Sea-Witch and Bonito strip baits getting the best results. Sailfish are showing interest in both trolled and live bait. The Tunas are biting on both the surface and those deep fished Sea-Witch and Bonito strip down deep.

Pictured is Craig who likes Fort Lauderdale fishing for these gaffer sized Mahi-mahi as well as Fall fishing for Salmon and Steelhead up in the NE. Good action right now on most days with temps in the mid 80s and that clean blue water almost all the way to the beach.

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