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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Forecast May 2013

One of the great things about fishing in Fort Lauderdale in May is virtually everything we catch is in our area at some point. Forecasting what you might catch is the tough part because anything can and will bite!

May is when we start putting the kites away and depend heavily on trolling. Cover more ground, explore further from shore. Schools of different species will be migrating in both directions off our coast. And when schools of fish migrate? The BIG fish that eat those smaller ones are also around.

May is known for slammer Dolphin (Mahi-mahi). The smaller schoolies we catch become bait to their larger brothers and sisters. Many times when cleaning a large Mahi, you will find a few small ones inside. It’s one of the reasons the green and yellow color combination is so popular when trolling.

Tuna, Wahoo, Kings and Bonitos will also increase their numbers. And with these types of fish around, sharks, Sailfish and even Blue and White Marlin are possible. May is an excellent time of year to fish here and each day we are filled with excitement as we head out on our trips. Many times you’ll wish you’d booked a longer trip because of the action. The other side of the coin? You’re exhausted from reeling. LOL Maybe 4 hours was enough.

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