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Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Trips

Summer is here and with it comes a new focus for many of our offshore Ft. Lauderdale Trips. We will be looking more and more for the big Dorado that will be off the Gold Coast looking for a good meal. They can be anywhere and in any depth of water. They prefer bright blue water but will venture into water colored much less blue, even into the green water on occasion, especially if a strong current is running. We will of course still target the Kings. Wahoo and Sailfish will still be here. Really fat Blackfin Tunas will be just offshore of the reefs.

But the big Dorados will be a daily topic. They won?t be here every day. It is fishing. But we will be looking off the edge more and listening to the radio closely. You might recognize the one lady, Beverly, in the picture along with that new face Kimberly. Bev took another trip with us and wearing again that lucky hat that she wore last week when you saw her here with that nice Kingfish. This trip it was this fat Bull Dorado that was the fish of the trip. We saw and caught him and his mate which was about 10 pounds lighter as a double header in 450 feet of water while catching Blackfins. A frisky fresh Goggle-Eye pitched to the fish on 20# spin got the bite.

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