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Offshore Fishing Ft. Lauderdale

Steven, Seth and Tyler chartered us for an offshore fishing trip out of Ft. Lauderdale. This was a true offshore trip with blue water fish as the objective. No fishing inshore for Kings, Bonito, Cudas and such. A beautiful day today with the temperature hitting 88 offshore and mostly sunny day. Very pleasant sea conditions again. Offshore here we usually have an onshore wind blowing in from the East and it helps to make it feel cooler and comfortable. On this charter we ended up on the Swordfish grounds and while we did get bit on the second drop the fish escaped after pulling some drag. Ouch. We also had severel bites from a White Marlin that attacked our trolled baits just as we crossed into the Gulfstream current. This was also a swing and a miss. Whites can be notoriously difficult to hook when they come in hot and climb on numerous baits in quick succession. He was a very hot fish moving very fast from one to the next and trying the largest lures in our pattern, escaping cleanly. We did manage a nice catch on this charter of over a dozen Dorado. So dinner was served with some first rate Dorado fillets, but the Billfish got the best of us today.

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