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Sailfish offshore for Eric

As we have mentioned in some recent reports there is a chance for a Sailfish any day of the year here fishing in Ft. Lauderdale. This time of year we catch the majority of them by trolling rigged dead natural baits. Our best trolled bait is a teardrop shaped strip cut from the sides of an adult Bonito (Little Tunny). We usually dress them up a bit with some sort of colored attractive lure snugged up @ the front. A carefylly rigged Bally Hoo gets bites as well. While fish such as Bonito and Mahi-Mahi will often pile on a Bally Hoo that is skipping, a swimming Bally Hoo gets far more attention than a skipping one on most days. I say ?most days? because it is fishing, and there?s always a fish with a different agenda and out to surprise you. Summertime Sails on both the surface and the deep lines while trolling.
Of course when everything looks just right in a given area we often go to the live baits, staying in an attractive area and waiting. It pays to be patient and have the right baits (dead or alive) out when you are in any area that makes you feel good about your location. Conditions were just that way that led to this picture of Zack and this Sailfish he caught on his charter here off Ft. Lauderdale.

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