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Ft Lauderdale fishing forecast for July 2013

By July 1, 2013May 26th, 2017Forecasts

Ft. Lauderdale fishing in July can be very strong and there will be some good fish available both close to shore as well as out in the Gulfstream. Expect warm (bordering on hot) days and typically sunny skies. Many days will have comfortable sea conditions but we do get some wind on occasion in July. We will get some rain. Sorry about that, Mother nature has control of that one.
The deeper we get into the month the more Bonito we will see on the reefs. Some days they will be everywhere. Good Kings will be on those same reefs when we can evade the Bonito. Lots of folks love to catch them and we do too, but it is nice to see a King beat them to a bait. There will be Sailfish on the reefs and off the edge and although it is far from high season for them we will catch them pretty well. Wahoo will be here with the larger ones right by the reefs within a mile or so from shore. Good numbers of Blackfin Tuna will be caught in 150 to 400 feet of water if this July is as to be expected.
Further offshore there will be some good days for Mahi-Mahi and Swordfish will be out on the Swordfish grounds, but the fishing may be erratic. There will be an occasional Blue Marlin out there with the Swordfish and a White Marlin just might drop by and some fortunate anglers will score there. But the most common species offshore and by far the most seriously pursued will be the Mahi-Mahi

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