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Ft. Lauderdale fishing dads and kids

We were fortunate when tropical storm ?Chantal? fell apart out to the west of us this weekend. Basically no out of the ordinary wind in our area and the rain didn?t come in until later in the day which allowed us to fish in comfortable seas with a lot of sun on a fun Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter with Tom and his son Brendan, and Steve and his son Gavin. That?s Brendon holding up the Bull Mahi-Mahi?s dorsal fin and Gavin with the tail grip. Brandon and his dad just finished up a 7 park Disney trip and Gavin lives just down the line from us.
This was a shared charter we put together for a morning trip when the weather forecasters had such dire predictions earlier in the week for the storm that our morning spot opened up due to cancellations.
We started this charter out trolling our usual spread of surface and deep lines back and forth over the edge looking for action to keep the boys engaged. This produced Bonito some of which are lying at the boy?s feet in the photo. A switch later in the morning to live baiting produced the nice Mahi-Mahi. He took a Goggle Eye fished out of the rigger.
Clear clean water today and those sunny skies with only a slight sea running. Everything much nicer than what the weatherman called for this morning and a good fit for the kids.

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