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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters for families

We take a good number of Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters every year that are family oriented trips. We recently had Frederick, Jackie and Cassie aboard for an offshore charter (actually two) to see what might bend the rod on the first charter and for a second trip with a Swordfish as a specific target species. These folks are out of Pa, and outdoors, whether fishing or hunting, is their passion. Salmon, Sailfish, Wahoo, Elk, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Bears. You name it they have been there and done that. And we had a lot of fun caught some nice fish and had a great time trading stories. And Fred is a pretty big guy as many who wear a badge are and Cassie their daughter could really reel and Jackie could reel as well and shoot film endlessly, so here is how the charters unfolded.
We started off the day with six nice Kingfish, several Barracudas and a few Bonitos. Making a change to target something larger I positioned us just up current from a wreck which we had been working that had produced the nice Kings for us and we a set out a spread of shark baits and also live baits as well, and settled in to wait. The wait on the shark side of our bait spread was very short and we had an almost immediate bite on the deep line. What seemed like a solid hook up resulted in a pulled hook?.. We settled back in up current and another bite resulted in a second pulled hook? So now we are thinking small fish, having trouble eating the bait up to the hook, etc. We ?re set in position just up current, third times a charm, and we?re on again quickly. This one stays attached and is a 280 to 300 pound Sandbar Shark. That is a big Sandbar. We move back , set the baits as this really seems to be a sweet spot, and an instantaneous bite for Cassie this time. This one stays attached as well and she brings a sandbar of 240 to 250 pounds to the side of the boat for release. Another truly large Sandbar Shark. Really big fat sharks and this spot is alive today with fish after producing the Kings, some Bonito and the sharks.
So now I ask Fred what he would like to try and he is up for anything. I mention that I?ve heard of some Wahoo and he says lets do it. Now I tried them earlier with no success. So off we go adding a little extra speed with a Wahoo in mind and off goes the short planer rod and that is Fred with his Wahoo of about 40 pounds in the photo. Great trip.
Second trip two days later with us is a Swordfish trip and Capt. Chris who mated the first trip is at the wheel with Brian in the pit as first mate. Brian has experience as a longline Swordfisherman so we are prepared.Tried to hit the weather just right but you really should never ever trust Mother Nature as she really is a Bitch (a quote from a dear fishing friend of mine). A try at a daytime fish on the bottom in 1800 feet drew a blank and the night time spread while it scored for us on the last Swordfish charter also drew a goose egg. A couple of smaller Wahoo and 4 Mahi-Mahi one of which came in at a respectable 42 inches managed to find their way into the fish box on the way out to the Swordfish grounds to ease some of the pain of no swordfish bites and lots of lightning courtesy of our old friend Mother Nature.

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