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Ft Lauderdale fishing forecast for September 2013

By September 1, 2013May 26th, 2017Forecasts

Welcome to our Ft. Lauderdale fishing forecast for September. As we have said before we try to make these forecasts as accurate as possible, but of course actual verification has to be by the fish themselves. We will begin to see an influx of small baitfish into our area, and as summer ends and fall begins it is of course good news.
The almost relentless assault of the summer run of Bonito will quickly wind down to only a few scattered fish. The Kingfish will have some good days at the edge of the reefs. We will catch some nice Wahoo as we did in August and there will be a few Sailfish around. Those Sails while few will also be scattered anywhere from the shallow reefs early in the morning to possibly miles offshore, which makes them a bit of a long shot at best.
As far as offshore small bunches of Mahi-Mahi can be found, but again that fishing will not be dependable. Skipjack Tuna will be somewhat common offshore and they are fun. A bright spot should be the Swordfishing which should in September slightly improve over the August fishing.
Bottom fishing for snapper and tilefish should be decent when the current allows us to hit our spots.
September can be very erratic and some days will be tough and on occasion we will have a great day, but overall the fishing will be a challenge. Either way we will fish equally hard, enjoy the hunt, and look forward to everyday’s fishing here aboard Marlin My Darlin.

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