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Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Charter school buddies

Here @ All-inclusive Sportfishing aboard Marlin My Darlin it?s not always a family trip or a corporate outing, or maybe a neighborhood group .We also get a lot of trips with guys who have known each other for years and today?s Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter was exactly that. The main reason for the gathering was the University of Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators facing off on Saturday in Miami Now there was an underlying circumstance of an impending marriage and this fishing chrter, but THE GAME was the main topic today and that was a lot of fun as there were more Gator grads than U of M, with several of the group growing up in Coral Springs which is just west of us here in FT. Lauderdale. My self, not being a grad of either school was able to analyze the prospective combatants and successfully pick the winner without the expected allegiance of attending said school???.
Beautiful day offshore today with lots of sun and a slight easterly breeze. Very strong current (31/2 knots) running to the north today took bottom fishing off the list. Fishing was tough today but the atmosphere was great and we all enjoyed the trip. We did manage about 10 Mahi-Mahi, but they were small. We did catch that really nice Tripletail for Rich in the picture who is fast approaching saying good-bye to the single life and about to tie the knot. We caught that fish along with the majority of the small Mahi-Mahi around a set of free floating buoys in 750 feet of water on a very slight current edge.
Warm today aboard as we had to shut down our generator due to a $5 hose blowing out early in the trip which meant no A/C. But the beer was cold and thankfully we had that breeze and despite the slower than normal fishing Rich and his crew did have a bag of fish for the tailgate party @ the stadium. We shared a beer with the boys after we hit the dock and then replaced that hose on the generator (special one with a integrated curve). Always something, as those of you who also own boats are well aware. Good to go, and now ready for a cooler tomorrow. Really a fun group of guys today.

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