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Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters Wahoo

We continue to see the school sized Kingfish up on the reef and most of these fish are inside of 150 of water. Still catching Blackfin Tuna from 150 feet out. There are some Sailfish here as well, but the species available and getting a lot of attention on our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters has been the Wahoo. And there have been some really good ones.
Pictured is Bobby and his 40 pound Wahoo caught aboard Marlin My Darlin. Bobby lives here in town and is one of our regular customers, bringing clients and friends aboard to enjoy the ocean and kick back for a day. This Wahoo fell for a live Bullett Bonito that was being fished on a Shimano 25 TLD. With the good chances for Wahoo offshore we are fishing our live Bonito (on most days) with a sort trace of #6 leader wire and a couple of treble hooks behind a 3/0 Mustad Lazer J hook. This rig allows a pretty good hook up ratio as Wahoo often hit hard a fast and those trebles, while dictation we fish a very light drag, very often find a spot in the Wahoo?s toothy mouth. Taking your time and easing the fish through the fight on that light drag and smallish hooks is paramount . They can really take the line off the reel in a hurry on the light drag setting.
The ocean is full of these small Bonito and they are a great live bait. We are also doing well on these Wahoo trolling with most of those bites coming on the deep lines.

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