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Ft Lauderdale fishing trips catching Sailfish & Mahi-Mahi

As we move deeper into December all that horrible weather up north has had an affect on our fishing here. We continue to remain warm as those fronts press their way down here with only a slight change in temperatures, but they are bringing plenty of wind and that has got fishing up a bit here in Ft. Lauderdale. We are catching some Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi. As we have stated before a nice stiff breeze is usually a plus.
Clean water and a nice north current in 170 feet right at our #1 (Sea) Buoy today. A little less wind would once again been nice but that wind does get the fish going.
Jay, Tom, Scott and David were aboard today. They have had good luck with us before and the Marlin My Darlin turned into the wind, out went the kites, and 1st mate Brian set live baits.
A couple of catch and release Sailfish this morning and that beautiful 40+ Mahi-Mahi on spin for David.

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