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Sailfish and Marlin My Darlin

Winter has arrived (at least according to the calendar / most days are still hitting above 80) and fishing in general has begun to pick up. Small bunches of keeper sized Mahi (gaffers) are moving through with more regularity. Bottom fishing has been good for Vermillion Snapper and Tilefish out in the deeper water. Some good Wahoo moving through as expected and biting best on the moon, but a chance for them on any charter. The wind seems as if it will never end and a calm day is rare, but there are many days when the ocean isn?t really that choppy. But that wind continues to be as regular as that morning coffee.
And the Sails and Mahi-Mahi love the wind. The Mahi as we know can be very particular about what they eat on the moon ( the opposite for those Wahoo) but can be coaxed into taking a bait. And the Sailfish are moving on that wind and that is a plus.
Pictured is Jay, a regular of ours here aboard the Marlin My Darlin. A quick picture and back overboard for this nice Sail. A nice full grown Sail as many are this time of year. This fish was hooked on a kite fished live bait. Fewer and fewer smaller ones now as we get into the Winter. Most everything continues to be inside of 200 feet of water with the exception of some of the Mahi-Mahi which have been more scattered, occasionally on floating debris. And the wind continues to blow

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