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Tiger Shark off Ft Lauderdale

We continue to deal with what is beginning to seem like an almost permanent strong easterly wind here in South Florida. We are all ready for a break from this almost daily breeze and although we all know it can help the fishing catches a few more days of less of a breeze would be nice.
Pictured is 1st mate Brian and a nice Tiger Shark caught and released by Bill. Bill his wife Kandi, their kids Taylor and Alyssa along with Kandi?s dad Jack took a charter with us and a shark was the top choice for the kids. Our approach was our typical December shark spread of deep and surface fresh dead baits. This was a good day as we were able to make it happen.This beautiful Tiger took what we call a ?mid range? bait which is fished about half way between the surface and the bottom. A Cero Mackerel was the bait (a fish we like to eat as well). Quick bite today on the shark and a Tiger is always a nice surprise as we don?t see that many of them.
There continue to be some nice Wahoo in the area. Smaller school sized Kingfish have been biting as well with an occasional larger one, the biggest fish coming mostly on the live bait. There are Sailfish here as well but even with the wind they are not a sure bet. Scattered Mahi-Mahi , Snapper fishing is only fair but Tile fishing has been excellent with some good sized Grays on the bottom in just over 400 feet.

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