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Wahoo offshore of Ft. Lauderdale

We continue to find some really nice Wahoo offshore of Ft. Lauderdale. Pictured is 1st mate Brian and Conrad on a recent charter holding a very nice fish.
These Wahoo continue to be where we expect to encounter them, and that is from just off the edge of the reef and essentially out to 300 feet on most days. We of course like it best when the water has a nice blue color to it, but we are catching them in the greener water as well. Gone are the large schools of school sized Tuna that we felt were causing the Wahoo to hold here. There are still good numbers of the smaller Bonito offshore around structure and along the reef line and Wahoo do love them as we have mentioned before. Glad they are here for whatever reason and they have brought some smiles for sure. As always a small live Bonito or Tuna is hard to beat for live baiting, and the deep planer rods with the braided line are by far the best for trolling presentations.
Our weather has finally come around and the sun is back and at least for now that devil wind has slowed. Low 80s by mid day.

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