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Sailfish season is here.

With the cooler weather finally here in South Florida we are all set for the expected push of Sailfish in good numbers that we have been waiting for. The warmer weather has held up their southernly migration with the exception of singles, an occasional double and a very few small bunches of fish. We have been picking away at them but are ready for the increase of fish into our area. The fish have been stacking up far above us and this weather should get them on the way. Pictured are a couple of our young anglers that fished with us on the Marlin My Darlin with this treasured early season single fish, a loner who ate a live Goggle Eye fished off a kite. Not pictured is Mr. Frank, the money man and photographer, who is responsible for the charters we have had with the boys here in Ft. Lauderdale. That is Frank?s son Hayden closest to the fish. Nice quick picture and a healthy Sailfish returned back into the ocean.
Back to back and then one more front in store for us here. Below 50 tonight. Clear skies tomorrow in the forecast. And that old wind is back, but with the windy weather and a northerly flow we will be looking hard for tailers and ready to cast those 950 Penn 20 # spinning reels in front of them. Their tail often breaks the surface as they ?tail? along and even passengers without a trained (weathered?) eye see the fish, and very often the bite as well. It really never gets old no matter how many years you have under your belt to make the visual, move into position, cast, and watch hopefully for those fish to take the presented bait.

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