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Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter yields White Marlin

It is very unusual to catch a White Marlin on a Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter. It is very much unusual to catch a White Marlin anytime off of SE Florida for that matter. So when this fish popped up in the kite spread behind Marlin My Darlin on an afternoon charter, took a live bait and put on a show for Terry we were truly in the right place at the right time. Beautiful fish obviously in great shape as it took center stage for this photo before a release back into the ocean. Terry is out of Pulaski, NY which is on the Salmon River and has very good Salmon fishing in the river(s) in the fall not to mention Steelhead and more. It?s a lot of fun when those Salmon get up in the rivers of upstate NY. I go myself every year, and now Terry has sampled some of the best we have to offer here in Fr. Lauderdale with us with his White Marlin.
Our weather has been a bit cooler and a few more Sailfish have shown up in our bait spreads. Live bait is best but we continue to get incidental Sailfish bite when we are targeting school Kingfish by trolling. Most Kings are coming on the deep trolled braided line planer rods on Bonito strip baits. We continue to see Wahoo but they have slowed as we have come off the moon now. The fishing has returned to being a bit erratic again on some days. The nice little push of Sails has slowed to every ones dismay and Mahi-Mahi are often somewhere else. So we pick away at the Kings with a few Bonito and occasional Tuna. Snapper and Tilefish often biting OK with occasional Jacks in the mix. Here?s hoping for some more chilly weather (sorry) to kick start those sails again.

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