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Deep Sea fishing Ft Lauderdale

Deep Sea fishing here in Ft. Lauderdale continues to have its ups and downs. One day produces a good catch and that doesn?t mean the following day will not be a struggle. Being flexible with the fish you pursue is important. A couple of days ago we could only manage a single King and Tuna trolling and surface live baiting so we spent some time fishing the bottom and thankfully we bent the rods on some Tilefish and Jacks. Then we have a decent trolling and live bait catch such as the one pictured just yesterday with Matt, Josh and Nate. A Sailfish, school Kings, Wahoo, a small Tuna and a lone Mahi-Mahi and some Bonito. Tilefish and Jacks off the edge, with the pictured catch right at the reef a mile off the beach.
Weather here has returned to near perfection. The wind has backed off leaving the ocean very pleasant with comfortable fishing conditions, and the water clarity is quite clean on the reefs. Lots of that Winter Florida sun again with the only rain for us being before dawn and only a shower at that. Afternoon temps pushing 80. No snow in the forecast. LOL. It did snow in the panhandle area (NW Florida). Nuts.

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