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Wahoo still biting off Ft. Lauderdale

We continue to see good numbers of Wahoo offshore of Ft. Lauderdale on our fishing charters. These fish are as always a welcome addition to the catch, and a half day charter gives us a good shot at them as they are close in. The majority of these fish remain just off the reef line and we are catching most of them right out front within two miles of the inlet.
A calm day doesn?t hurt us too badly with the Wahoo as opposed to the Sailfish that prefer some wind and can be really spooky and timid on a really calm day. We catch a lot of Wahoo on calmer to almost flat days here. We feel one of the reasons is that we can kick up our boat speed a bit without pounding into the seas making for primarily a smooth presentation of the baits. A surging boat means a surging bait and a fast moving Wahoo has a much higher chance of getting up above the short wire leaders and getting hit teeth on the remaining monofilament leader and the resulting ?bite off? when he jumps the bait. Fishing baits below the surface is a big plus on calmer days as well. Far better bites a ways below the top baits. We are catching 80% of the Wahoo with the deep lines on Ghost Mylar pattern sea witches by Stan Ruer and Bonito strips or large Ballyhoo. Nice deep line Wahoo for Dan in the picture and 1st mate Brian J. aboard Marlin My Darlin.
Good conditions now with nice warm days and comfortable sea conditions and good water clarity. Scattered Kings, Mahi and Blackfins. Tilefishing for Greys and Goldens has been good. Jacks on the northern deep wrecks. Grouper season remains closed for most species.
Offshore Swordfish grounds have had some lumpy days but those wave conditions have basically remained on those Swordfish grounds, far off shore of our typical fishing areas.

Tight lines and good fishing, Capt. JJ

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