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Ft Lauderdale fishing forecast for March 2014

By March 1, 2014May 26th, 2017Forecasts

We continue to see one of the warmest winters in years here. In the top 10 for warm they say and it isn’t over yet. How this will affect the expected mid to late March beginning of the Mahi-Mahi showing up in good numbers and pushing south remains to be seen. A typical March was these good sized schools of fish passing by fairly close to shore and moving rapidly. The warm Winter has everything, not just the Mahi-Mahi askew. We here aboard the Marlin My Darlin feel that the Mahi won’t be far off schedule if at all as these will be open water fish and the reef fish seem most affected by this crazy warm weather. We are fishermen, trying to think like fish, but not fish.
Expect to see some Sailfish in the baits and don’t be surprised if on some days they show in deeper water such as 300 to 400 feet. Some will be taken on kites fished with live baits while fishing the bottom for Tilefish. This is a pattern we are seeing develop now. Kingfishing will improve and the weather will get warmer yet. Still some Tuna available mostly in water from 200 to 350 feet deep. The Wahoo which have been stellar this Winter will still be available at the edges of the reefs and just offshore. Amberjacks and snapper will be here in larger numbers.
More and more sharks will be hooked in the deeper water (350 to 450) as we move through the month. Hammerheads, Threshers, the usual Sandbars, and we don’t call it “Mako March” for nothing.
March fishing can be very very strong. We’ll just have bear the warm temps and wait and see when it is going to actually take off.

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