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Birthday Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Trip for Andrew

This morning ? day charter was reserved over a month ago. Andrew, a fine and polite 15 year old wanted a Ft. Lauderdale fishing trip for his sixteenth birthday and that is what he got as his mom checked availability and reserved the charter for him and three of his friends. Kids only, no adults and off we went. The fish of the day was that nice Sailfish you see with the boys. L to R Mason, Devin, Andrew and Chris. Once again we had the warm weather that we have grown to expect this Winter. Just a slight breeze and plenty of sun again.
Really not a cold or even cool Winter for us this year. As we have said before a lot of folks really are loving these warm days, but a lot of us fishermen are longing for some cool if not downright cold days to hopefully get some predictability into the catching.
Day to day the bite continues to be erratic for most species. We have had more of those numerous days of good current and good water clarity which are as many of us know a plus. These situations have been no guarantee this Winter. We continue to fish hard and hopefully make the right decisions, and there are days with great fish like this Sail with the boys thankfully.
Tight lines , Capt. JJ

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