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Sailfishing Ft. Lauderdale

Today we had Mike, Marlin, Frank and Victor aboard the Marlin My Darlin and the target was Sailfish. Ft. Lauderdale gave us a postcard perfect day with a morning in the upper 60s climbing into the 70s and bright sunny skies. As turned the corner and headed North coming out of the inlet winds were slight and out of the Northwest.
We set our kites and rigger baits at the edge of the reef about two miles above the inlet and discussed dropping back baits to Sailfish in free spool to feeding fish as well as hook setting techniques for the circle hooks we were using. Just reel and come tight, don?t rear back to drive the hook and so on. All these guys are fishermen and we were ready to go.
Kings and Bonito showed up in our spread and they were good practice fish but no Sails early for us. Issues with the wind as well as it was beginning to get too postcard perfect and was now fluctuating at times down to below 5 MPH.
We picked up and moved offshore to an area of better current and Frank caught a nice Sail on the right short kite bait. Nice big fish that fought hard. We had a second bite but couldn?t get a look at that fish but we assumed it to be a Sail as well. So we stayed put and waited it out, but no more takers. Deciding to move again we reset the baits in 140 feet of water and managed a second Sailfish, again on the right short kite bait for Victor. This fish was Victor?s first Sailfish and he was all charged up. Good strong fish that pulled hard as the first one and jumped several times for Victor Fun charter today and lots of laughs with local guys. They are calling for temps back into the 80s again tomorrow. Crazy warm here.
Tight lines, Capt. JJ

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