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Ft Lauderdale fishing / April 2014

By April 1, 2014May 26th, 2017Forecasts

This April has been right in line with Aprils of the past few years. We were expecting a lot of early April to lag behind the fishing of previous years due to our very mild Winter here, but the Mahi-Mahi did show up pretty much on time although in fewer numbers than we had hoped. Same trends, bigger loner or paired fish outside the schools of smaller ones offshore out in the deep water, and some fish of all sizes venturing up close and onto the reef when the current ran and the water was clean. Jonathan and Matt with a pair of good ones in the picture. Wahoo have slowed way down as expected but there are a few around. Kingfishing has been up and down. AJ fishing is decent. Enough Sailfish to keep every ones interest, but that season is winding down, and while we will catch them the rest of the year the majority have left the building. The good news is that the majority of April and May Sails are full grown and most often aggressive on a bait.
Bottom fishing for Snappers and Tilefish, both Goldens and Greys has for the most part been good. It’s not for everybody but we enjoy fishing that deep water if you wish and they are excellent eating. Customers who have sworn by Snappers for years call in with raves about how good the are on the table.
The big sharks showed up right on time and in decent numbers. Good chance for success here, but the numbers continue to honestly be down from years past, but still a very good chance to score a big fish. Hammerheads and a few Threshers and Makos this month taking baits off the surface, half way down and right on the bottom with regularity.
Tight Lines, Capt. JJ aboard Marlin My Darlin

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