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Mahi Fishing in Ft Lauderdale

The weather for fishing in Ft. Lauderdale has left a bit to be desired the last few days. Back to back frontal systems has the seas running and the skies cloudy with only partial sun. While the conditions brought on by these fronts aren?t too severe to stop us from fishing we are ready for some more of our famous March sun and less wind for sure.
With the onshore wind we have seen an increase in the numbers of Mahi-Mahi. Clean blue water and a good amount of bait in our area has had some nice Mahi moving through in water less than 400 feet, with some fish all the way inside and on top of the reefs in 90 feet. We are picking away at these fish with both live and trolled baits as they make their way to the south. No real big numbers of fish here yet but there are some good quality fish available. No Wahoo for us the last couple of days but we are happy to see the Mahi. Still getting some Sails mostly inside along with some Kings. Spanish Macks are in the inlet and just off the beach as well.
Pictured are Craig and his brother Brandon with a really nice Mahi-Mahi taken just off the reef line aboard the Marlin My Darlin. The forecast is for one more day of wind and clouds so we will be watching for those Mahi, and then that sun is supposed to shine all day with less wind as well. Hopefully they continue to move through in similar depths with the forecasted changing conditions.

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