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Ft Lauderdale Shark fishing and more in May 2014

Ft. Lauderdale Shark fishing continues to be very strong for those wanting to tackle something of substantial size and power. This has been a strong shark season and there are still large ones out there. The photo is of a large Thresher Shark and his signature long and powerful tail caught and released at boat side of the Marlin My Darlin. This fish as most Threshers do took a bait fished directly on the bottom in water between 350 and 450 feet deep, or about a mile and a half off the beach. Hammerheads are still passing through and there is still a chance for a Mako but it is getting late for them. There are Sandbar, Reef Shark and an occasional Bull Shark all the way inside of the inlet and happy to take a struggling fish or fresh dead bait as well. Most (not all) of the sharks inside are less than 5 feet, making them perfect kid sized and manageable on light tackle.
Out on the reefs Kingfish have been biting well and from all sizes from just legal schoolies up to really good sized fat and healthy fish. The big Blackfins are here and they are a welcome addition to the offshore fishing trips. Later in the day is often the best to fool them into taking a live bait and these as many of you are well aware can really pull hard. The Bonito are mixed in as well. Wahoo and Sailfish have slowed down but always a chance for them on any charter, but we are seeing more and more Sails and Hoos off the edge and all the way out in the deep now as is typical for this time of year. Amberjacks on the wrecks with both Golden and Grey Tilefish out off the edge on the bottom in a minimum of 400 feet in depth. Grouper season is open. Very good chances for Mahi-Mahi offshore.
Swordfishing will be an option with a day trip getting the nod over a night trip as having the best chance for success. Weather sensitive (for anglers and crew). Whereas many days are calm and comfortable it can be breezy in May producing choppy seas, and Swordfishing while choppy if very possible it can be a bit too much movement for some. A little breeze is very welcome to cool everybody down as we will be sitting very still but too much breeze? Not so good. Good chances for Mahi on the way offshore on a trip for the Swords.

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