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Ft. Lauderdale fishing for Ronald McDonald

Two to four foot seas greeted us today as we headed offshore for our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter. Slightly on the choppy side but certainly very fishable and spirits and hopes were high. The trip today was part of an exceptional event sponsored by Southwest Airlines with the Ronald McDonald house the purpose and recipient. 23 boats cleared the inlet and set their lines for the day?s fishing.
While most captains elected to stay inshore and fish the edges of the reef primarily for Kings and the abundant Bonito we opted to poke offshore and hopefully locate a school or two of the Mahi-Mahi that have been out in the deeper water lately. Good north current and crystal clear clean blue Gulfstream influenced water with scattered weed not so much on edges as just being blown by the wind. Brian pulled a lot of weed today to keep the lines clean and working properly.
We did indeed find a couple of schools of the Mahi out on the 55 line in 850 to 900 feet of water. These fish were very skittish, moving very fast and only occasionally trying the Flying Fish that were in their line of travel. Even though we had difficulty in drawing bites we decided to remain in those depths as we saw fish there. We did manage a few and the large fish honor (Mahi) went to Brianne out of Dallas,Texas with Kristen (Mahi) right on her heels only a couple of pounds back. That is Kristen ( Miami )hoisting her Mahi fresh off the hook and headed for the ice and the fishbox. Her fish took a pink/blue/silver Stan Ruer tied Seawitch Bonito strip fished off the center rigger. That same presentation in the same position earlier drew a bite from what I felt was a small Blue Marlin. He passed up the 2 Marlin lures and 2 bridge teasers fished inside of the spread inside to try that one out in the back. Not that unusual, they often eat the last one to go by. Ran strongly away and then pulled off. Brianne?s Mahi and the fish of the day ate a live Goggle Eye cast out on 20# spin. Also had a White Marlin try the right long rigger on this trip (Bonito strip/ Stan again midnight blue and white) and then went straight up in the air when he felt (and left) the hook. There are good fish offshore for sure and Brian and I also enjoyed our day in the deep.
Tight lines, Capt. JJ and 1st mate Brian aboard Marlin My Darlin

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