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Ft. Lauderdale Deep Sea fishing for Mahi-Mahi

Summertime brings Mahi-Mahi front and center all along the coast of Florida and Ft. Lauderdale Deep Sea fishing can be very good for these colorful and welcome fish.
For those of you who have experience and your own boats we have been doing well in the vicinity of 800 feet of water which has been the area of the western edge of the Gulfstream often as of late. Lots of weed but only a surprisingly low amount of bait in the weeds. Good sized schoolies with very few throwbacks (undersized) fish. Of course the fish can be anywhere but if not around 800 the water around 1000 feet around the hills and out on the 47/48 lines as well have been good as well.
For those of you who live elsewhere and pursue other species know that the Mahi-Mahi is an extremely popular and very actively pursued fish here. These fish get large but most are from 4 to 7 pounds and are great fun on light tackle. Good eating as well. If we can?t find that first fish of the day it can be a long day offshore, but find that first one, especially this time of year, and often things start to happen. Right now is high season and typically calm water and strong Gulfstream flow are commonplace. Pictured are Rich and his son Sean, accomplished out of state anglers who had a fun charter catching Mahi with us out there in 800- 850 feet on a flat calm day and bright sunny day.
Inside we continue to see some scattered Sailfish but the Kingfish and the aggressive Bonitos have been willing and providing good near shore action on our shorter charters. Strong current in the vicinity of our inlet associated with the moon @ the reef has limited our bottom fishing, but that will soon let up.
Tight lines, Capt. JJ

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