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Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips half days

Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips for half day charters have meant fishing the edges of the reef lines about a mile offshore for us for several days. There are Mahi?Mahi offshore but that action has been out in essentially 900 feet and that is a stretch for us, especially if you race out there and find they have moved on or gotten even further offshore, which is always a very real possibility So we have been working the reefs with the best action being just south of our inlet.
Pictured is Hillary with a couple of good Kings being the larger fish on her charter and taken south and in 140 feet of water. The current has slowed now and that has allowed us to bottom fish easier, catching some Mutton Snapper on the shallow wrecks. Almoco and Greater Amberjacks as well, but no Grouper for us, but tomorrows another day. Good fat Blackfin Tuna just outside the reefs late in the day. Occasional stray Mahi on these inside reefs and just deeper. Schools of Bonito coming through and although they aren?t good for eating we like to keep the larger ones as we cut our strip baits for the year out of these summer Bonito. And the children on the charters love them as they provide good action, and the large ones can really pull. Many of these Bonito are now in the teens weight wise and good fun for the kids.
Bring that sunscreen as we have said before, the July sun can be very strong. We provide bottled water on ice for our charters and I think I need a bigger truck to keep up as we are burning through it. Don?t forget your hat.

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