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Ft Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing

We are seeing some slightly cooler days now as we move into the fall season. We are certainly welcoming this change as the now past summer was at times wickedly warm to say the least. The past few mornings have also had an ever so slight onshore wind that has been a nice change from the still mornings that have been so prevalent. We are certainly ready for the milder weather. Scattered rain continues in the forecast almost daily, but still plenty of sun here. No hurricanes, life is good.

Pictured is Mika who attends college here in Florida and fished along with her parents aboard the Marlin My Darlin. School Kings as the one in her photo are biting well. The best action has been in the vicinity of 100 feet of depth which is in most areas offshore of Ft. Lauderdale right at the reef line. These fish had been regularly deeper out to 200 feet but have basically moved to these shallower depths. The Bonito that had been so numerous on many days have thinned considerably and one of the results has been an upswing in the number of Kings hitting the ice. The Bonito are good fun and pull hard, but taking some time to land and therefore lessening the chance for King bites as we battle it out with them. Serious wear and tear (good wear and tear) on junior anglers. It?s nice to have the good action on the reefs. Wahoo and Sailfish are a possibility along the reefs as well. Offshore of there the fishing continues to be erratic at best on the Mahi. There are good ones out there but on most days they continue to be very scattered and often way out. Once again if we get a cell call or dependable report we will be happy to go out there, but otherwise we will continue to spend a lot of time @ the reefs where the fishing has thankfully been consistent lately.

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