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Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips Sails and Mahi-Mahi

The wind has picked up here as expected , but we are enjoying some good fishing as a result of that steady breeze. Our Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips are producing good opportunities for Mahi-Mahi (Dorado / Dolphin Fish) and as before we are finding these fish close in, mostly within a mile and a half of shore.

Clean water right on the reefs again and we still have a moderate current that is keeping these fish moving. The location of Sails and Mahi are often quite influenced by favorable wind conditions as they spend a good amount of their day near the surface, especially the Mahi. We are seeing both species right on the surface pushing bait which in these sunny conditions they are often observed by the fishing charter anglers as well, not just the crew.

Les, Devin, Austin, Steve and Brian joined Capt. Chris and 1st mate Brian aboard the Marlin My Darlin and caught a nice Sail and some Mahi-Mahi. There are some Blackfin Tuna here along with some nice legal sized school Kings. Tunas while not here in good numbers right now are as usual just offshore of the reefs and the Kings are right in with the Sails for the most part right on the reef in roughly just over 100 feet. We continue to encounter a good amount of bait in our area right now as we mentioned which is always a plus. That doesn’t guarantee that the fish will bite but it sure holds some of them in the area for at least a while, giving us a better shot at them.

Tight lines and good fishing and be ready for the increased wind, but still very fishable and some nice fish just offshore here of Ft .Lauderdale

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