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Fort Lauderdale fishing on the reefs

The weather is a bit cooler and we have continued to pick away at the Mahi-Mahi, Kings and we are seeing the Sails better now with this cooler weather and it’s a nice change for us . Pleasant fishing yesterday with clean clear blue water right out front and some current as well. Fort Lauderdale fishing conditions that we like to see when we clear the inlet. And the wind has backed off as well.

Depending on where you view this report you will see some bottom fish and that we continue to hit some bottom spots, especially now that the current has slowed to a reasonable flow and we can hold the spots. Our Grouper have been between 60 and 140 feet of water and of course on structure. Vermillion Snappers are best for us in 325 feet on some rubble deposited there when the 17 street bridge was redone. A bit deep but an easy fish with basically no snagging the bottom, which is almost always an issue when bouncing the bottom regardless of the depth. Jack Crevalle are running the beach and around the inlet as well in addition to hanging around the Hollywood Beach Honey Hole. Decent sized school of Snapper sized Blues on the edge of the inlet yesterday. Go figure.

The Mahi will probably back off with the rapidly diminishing wind but the Kings, despite the big moon hopefully will continue to bite especially early, very early. Always a chance for a Wahoo but it’s a slim one right now fishing offshore of Ft Lauderdale. Put your time in and maybe catch a nice Sail and please turn him loose to bite again another day.

Tight lines, Marlin My Darlin

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