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Ft. Lauderdale fishing report

This Ft. Lauderdale fishing report comes to you with some fantastic news. The weather is off the scale and as we have said before this is why we call South Florida home. Upper 50s at night and climbing into the 70s during the day. Sunny day after day and virtually no wind as of late. ?Postcard perfect? and ?Chamber of Commerce?days as for sure. Nice and even nicer out on the water. But the fishing…….not as predictable.

The fishing is all over the scale (pun?) lately. We have certainly had some good fish and some good catches but it can be an adventure. Some Sails around and we caught one yesterday. Wahoo have been in our fishbox and some good ones at that. Mahi-Mahi and Kings as well. But some days continue to be a struggle. North current one day and South the next. Throw in a day or two of virtually no current and those of you who spend a bit of time out there are aware of what this can and often times does to make it challenging. Mahi on an edge one day in 700 feet, nobody there the next. Kings have on occasion bit like it’s their last meal and then shut down the next. Chance for encountering some Sails or not a single one for the entire fleet. Snappers in deeper water biting well one day and then locking up the next
Pictured is Tony and 1st mate Brian with a beautiful catch and release Sailfish on a Penn 950 spinner aboard Marlin My Darlin. Notice it’s dark. This fish bit well after sundown and that’s not very common at all. We caught a few Mahi-Mahi on this trip as well but they didn’t come easily. A big Hammerhead caught that ate a live Bonito on a lighter leader targeting a Wahoo gave a good pull. Caught the kings one after another that morning prior to this afternoon trip. Next morning same guys, Jay, Vince and Tony and only small sharks. They are regulars with us having fished aboard many times and sent me a note saying they again enjoyed their time with Chris, Brian and myself. But those two trips offshore are a good example of the swings in the action we are experiencing.

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