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Ft. Lauderdale Deep Sea fishing

As we now move through the second week of January it would seem as though Sailfish are on every fisherman’s mind as they head offshore to spend some time Ft. Lauderdale Deep Sea fishing. That said we are managing a few more Sails than the last couple of weeks but they continue to be erratic at best. We continue to chip away at them having seen as many trolling (once again) as we have on the live baits. Pictured is a big Sail which was one of two we caught with Wayne and Joe on a six hour charter. But these fish continue to be elusive and the pressure is on to make the most of the bites.

Kings are available on most days and the majority are of legal size. Most fish as expected are inside of 150 feet of depth. Tilefish both Golden and Greys have been biting. The season for the Goldens has just opened and that is good news as Groupers have now closed. Nice Grays in 400 feet and the Goldens in 600+. It’s hard to beat a Golden for dinner, but the Grays aren’t too far behind. Very few Mahi or Wahoo right now.

Our weather is very nice right now. 70s and sunny. Hard to figure it is so pleasant here as everywhere else in the country gets hammered. What is left of that front that crushed the country with bad weather slipped through Southy Florida quietly and we are getting ready for the next one to come through.The wind has some north and while slight we are hoping it will bring better chances for Mahi and those Sails as well.

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