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Fishing in Ft Lauderdale 3-10-15

The weather continues to improve and the fishing in Ft. Lauderdale while still being erratic has allowed us to chip away and put some fish in the box. Pleasant to almost hot today as late in the afternoon the onshore wind we have had lately trickled down to basically zero but is forecast to pick up again tomorrow. The wind and finally some current have helped the Dorado fishing.

We are finding some gaffer sized Dorado within two miles of shore. As always look for the birds or even a single bird. Calmer conditions make it easier to spot something that gives away their location. Sometimes it is only a small dimple on the surface where one has taken a tiny fish..These are small schools of fish and they are a bit harder to locate than the large bunches we expect soon. Some blind strikes and we are happy to have them as we aren’t seeing these fish every day, but it has been more common. Kings are on the slow side. One trip we caught six and the next only one. Erratic. Those smaller Blackfins are still out front, more so in the afternoons, and inside of them there are some big Bonito. A Wahoo here and there and the Golden Tiles are out there in the deep and biting wellin 600+. Very few Sails.

Tight lines and good fishing to you.

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