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Mahi on Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters

As we get ready to enter into the third week of March our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters continue to yield some decent catches. The weather remains stellar, almost too hot again, and it really does seem to be the end of our stunted winter season. They were calling for 86 today and thankfully I think they fell a little short of that, at least on the water.

We took a couple of charters out of Miami Beach and did well on the Kings and caught a couple of Sailfish on spin. The Kings were in very discolored water and we caught them by trolling. We sight casted the Sails in the clean blue water and just inside that color in some milky blue colored water as they traveled to the south.

Here off Ft. Lauderdale we continue to see some Mahi-Mahi and good fat ones are a possibility along with the schoolies. The Blackfin Tunas continue to prefer the afternoons and again in in area of 300 feet of depth. Kingfish biting right up tight in the dirty water. No real big ones but most all are legal size. Vermillion Snapper in the deep and good fishing for the Goldens in 600 and better.

As we said dirtier water inside ( every morning ) with the clean blue water moving closer to shore in the afternoon with the tide. And the tide is very strong out in the blue and dropping to ? to ? of a knot at the edge of the outside reef at about a mile out. Continued warm days in the forecast.

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