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Fort Lauderdale fishing charter update

The winter has certainly left us here in Ft. Lauderdale as every day is up above 85 by early afternoon. Too warm too soon for me but I know a lot of people are loving this weather. Almost every Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter this last week has had a few similarities.

Winds have been present daily and east to southeast. The breeze has been nice as it has taken some of the edge off the early season heat. There has been zero rain here in Ft. Lauderdale although there have been a few showers south of us and below the Miami area. The current has been fluctuating a bit and at times running strong to the north, which we like to see.

We continue to pick away at the Sailfish with the majority of these fish inside of 200 feet of water on most days. They were outside of 200 a couple of days when the current was strong and the water clear with blue water on top of the reefs inside of 100 feet. Although we scored Blackfins in the shallower clean water with that considerable current we were surprised that the Sails chose to fight the current out in the deeper water. We did slide deeper in time to get in on some of the action. It looked so perfect for them in the shallow water but they liked it deeper and it seemed against the grain, but they go where they please and we guessed wrong early. When you hook them in strong current they seem to have a few more horsepower in the tank and often really take off when they feel the hook. Mahi-Mahi are being taken and of course like the clean water. They are moving very rapidly south. We had a good week on the Wahoo. Trolling has been best for them but Capt. Chris did have a couple of good ones on live bait just off the edge. Pictured is Betsy who joined us along with here husband. And a beautifully lit up Wahoo that joined us a well, taking a trolled bait in 180 feet of water.

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